Power FordMany dealerships claim to offer the best service in their area, and we are sure they offer their customers satisfaction. However, Power Ford has plenty of reason to brag as our customers make the extra effort to thank us for their happiness.

Proven Satisfaction, Community, and Accessibility: We Are Simply Connected to You

One of the main reasons why you should choose Power Ford over the competition is the proven satisfaction based on our past customers. We gladly welcome you to visit http://powerfordnm.com/Review-Us/ and read all of the outstanding reviews that have been left for us.

Our customers visit sites like Google, Yelp, and DealerRater regularly, and voluntarily, in order to praise our dealership for the amazing experience they had and service they received.

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As a business leader in Albuquerque, we think it is very important to be involved in the community. Anyone with power in a community should set a good example and give back as much as possible. This is why we hold events that help raise money and awareness for organizations like The National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Whether we are raising money, gathering food, and housing a location for clothes and toys to be dropped off, Power Ford truly enjoys helping the less fortunate. We have the power to reach many different people, and we believe we should use it to helps others.

Accessibility is also a huge factor as to why you should choose our dealership. We are conveniently located off routes 47 and 85, which is perfect if you happen to break down and need to get towed. Our extended hours allow you to fit in purchasing a car or repairing your vehicle into your busy schedule.

We also always have someone you can talk to about your automotive needs. You can stop by during our business hours or simply call us at (866) 640-5531. For more reasons to choose Power Ford, come down today and test-drive one of our many vehicles in stock.

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