You work hard, why not let your steering wheel take some of the load? Our Ford dealer near Rio Rancho is proud to introduce all-new, class-exclusive adaptive steering technology that makes steering the 2017 Ford F-Series and the 2017 Ford Edge even easier, no matter how fast you’re going.

While electronically assisted steering is commonplace in the automotive industry, the majority of new vehicles on the market today still use fixed gear ratios. Fixed gear ratios assist drivers in their steering by making a compromise between steering quickness and maneuverability at lower speeds and higher speeds. This results in less-than-optimal performance in both.

The idea behind the new adaptive steering technology is that it removes these compromises. Comprised of a small electric motor, a computer, and a gear unit, this technology is placed inside the steering wheel. From there, it responds to driver input and vehicle speed to increase or decrease steering wheel sensitivity.

“At high speeds the ratio is changed in such a way that vehicle response is more relaxed, more precise, and smoother than without the system,” said Lodewijk Wijffels, Ford adaptive steering technical specialist.

2017 Ford Edge and F-Series Offer Adaptive Steering

The first two vehicles to feature the new adaptive steering system are the 2017 Ford F-Series and the 2017 Ford Edge.

2017 Ford F-150 near Rio Rancho

The 2017 Ford F-Series models are Ford’s light and medium duty pickup trucks. One of these is the 2017 Ford F-150 at our Rio Rancho area Ford dealer, which is a favorite among pickup truck enthusiasts. Five engine options and up to 450-horsepower provide drivers with all the power they need to handle the toughest jobs, and then some. When it comes time to tow, you’ll be good to go with 12,200 lbs of towing capacity when properly equipped.

To learn more about the new adaptive steering technology found in our 2017 models, contact Power Ford by calling (866) 640-5531.

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