Ford, as well as the vehicles the brand produces, have won a lot of awards over the years, but none quite sum up how Ford owners vehicles feel about their vehicles as well as this one. Strategic Vision, the marketing research company that created the Consumer Love Index, named three Ford vehicles to its list of ‘Most Loved Vehicles of the Year.’ These awards were earned based on vehicles’ standings in 120 categories.

2016 Ford C-MAX Energi in Albuquerque

In 2016, it was the Ford C-MAX Energi, the Ford Mustang convertible, and the Ford F-150 that took home ‘Most Loved’ awards for the brand. This comes as no surprise to our Albuquerque Ford dealer, based on the glowing reviews we hear from our shoppers. These three models have been turning the heads of folks on our lot right and left, both for their stunning good looks and long list of practical features.

C-MAX Energi and Mustang Bring Efficiency and Thrills to Albuquerque Ford Drivers

2016 Ford Mustang for sale in Albuquerque

The Ford C-MAX Energi and the 2016 Ford Mustang convertible sit on opposite ends of the driving experience spectrum. While many Albuquerque drivers love the 2016 Ford Mustang for its unparalleled performance and iconic namesake, others gravitate towards the 2016 Ford C-MAX Energi for its outstanding fuel efficiency and modern design. The fact that they both won Strategic Vision’s ‘Most Loved Award’ shows the range of interests held by Ford shoppers.

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2016 Ford C-MAX Energi for sale in Albuquerque