These days, there are so many different types of cars, trims, and styles to choose from! How do you know which one would fit your lifestyle and personality the best? Answer the following series of questions and we’ll let you know which vehicle would be your perfect match! Keep score to the questions you said yes the most to and we’ll reveal which car you should pick at the end.

hiking in Albuquerque
1. Would you consider yourself one with nature? Yes or No?
2. Do you enjoy fishing or going camping? Yes or No?
3. In your line of work, are you doing things with your hands more? (Construction, Plumber, Contractor, etc.) Yes or No?
4. Do you prefer weekend getaways to the cabin or the lake? Yes or No?
5. Do you enjoy riding horses in your spare time, or participate in competitions? Yes or No?



Contruction worker

6. Do you like the style of a truck but want to include luxurious features? Yes or No?
7. Do you find yourself to be adventurous and needing enough space for all your activities? Yes or No?
8. Are you the outdoorsy type that likes being in the woods or in the mud? Yes or No?
9. With your career, do you work with your hands? (farming, construction, landscaping, etc) Yes or No?
10. Are you looking for excitement on and off the road? Yes or No?



Driving a fast car

11. Do you crave the thrill of driving 435 horsepower? Yes or No?
12. In a car, do you value performance as the best feature? Yes or No?
13. When you purchase a new vehicle, do you look forward to making modifications and customizing the vehicle to your liking? Yes or No?
14. Have you consistently bought practical vehicles and are looking for something exciting? Yes or No?
15. Are you in your mid-twenties or retired? Yes or No?



family riding bikes

16. Are you extremely active? Yes or No?
17. Would you find yourself exploring new places on the weekend? Yes or No?
18. Are your kids and pets the most precious cargo you will have in your vehicle? Yes or No?
19. Do you enjoy getting great deals on products? Yes or No?
20. Do you have a large family? Yes or No?



college graduates

21. Is price a big concern for your new vehicle? Yes or No?
22. Did you recently graduate college? Yes or No?
23. Are you fun-loving and looking forward to trying new things on the weekend? Yes or No?
24. Do you consider yourself a practical person? Yes or No?
25. Do you have a small family? Yes or No?

Moment of Truth: Which Ford Do You Need Near Rio Rancho?

If you answered mostly yes to questions one through five…

2017 Ford F-250 SuperDuty® for sale near Rio Rancho

The 2017 Ford 250 SuperDuty® if your ideal truck! This vehicle comes packing best-in-class payload, towing capabilities, and gross weight combination ratings! It can handle all your outdoor adventures and trips to the lake house.

If you agreed with questions with six through ten…

2017 Ford F-150 available near Rio Rancho

Based on your answers, the 2017 Ford F-150 is the truck you should go for. Ford’s award winning truck comes with excellent towing capabilities, payload abilities, and prestigious interior qualities.

Albuquerque drivers that agreed with questions 11-15…

2017 Ford Mustang for sale near Rio Rancho

You will perfectly match up with the 2017 Ford Mustang. This muscle car remains America’s favorite for a reason. With intense horsepower, torque, and cockpit-like interior, drivers are always ready to start the Ford Mustang’s engine.

For those who answered almost all yes’s for questions 16-20…

2017 Ford Explorer available near Rio Rancho

You will experience new heights with the 2017 Ford Explorer! This SUV will give you all you need, whether you are going on a hike or a biking trail. Plus, this vehicle is very affordable and extremely safe for every member of the family.

Did you agree with answers 21-25? If so…

2017 Ford Focus for sale near Rio Rancho

You should get the new 2017 Ford Focus for the Rio Rancho area! You’ll find this car in a sedan or hatchback, whatever works with your busy life. Reliable, safe, and inexpensive, this is a great starting vehicle for recently graduated college students.

If you want to learn about the car you matched with, contact Power Ford at (866) 640-5531.